Tuesday, July 29, 2014

1685 David Quinn of Chester County, Pennsylvania Colony

For many years now the most common emails and questions and ideas on how Laughlin arrived to the Province of North Carolina keep me well entertained.

The belief generally is that there is some magic document hidden in a stack that connects Laughlin Quin to perhaps David Quinn.  In 1685 David arrived onboard the Bristoll Merchant from Liverpool to Philadelphia as an indentured servant to Thomas Webb, M.P. and a wealthy Dublin haberdasher and linen merchant.  There are then assumptions that David after his indenture had passed, was able to pack up his wagon and head to the coastal towns of the Province of North Carolina.  Some believe he came via the Great Indian Warpath, or The Great Wagon Road which is possible, but highly unlikely.

The issues associated with this theory are many, but until 1748 only explorers traveled this path, not a road at all, it is indeed before 1748 a simple foot path from Philadelphia to the Blue Ridge Mountains. This trail would, and could be the instrument of any white man's demise, as he would be forced to travel through many rightfully hostile native American tribal lands in what was then the "frontier."  The wagon road would not reach Virginia until after the American Revolution.  Therefore, this is not a suitable pathway.

The more appropriate and accepted movement would have been to board a cargo ship and make your way towards Charles Towne where you would likely stop in Beaufort Town to gather tar, pitch and other necessities for sea voyages.  Vessels from Philadelphia often stopped in Edenton, Beaufort Town, Brunswick Town and Charles Towne as they headed to the plantations of the West Indies.  It is thus more likely that this would be the path from Philadelphia.

There is a another set of issues with this theory.  That is a theory of religious orientation.  David Quinn's indenture to Thomas Webb, an Anglican.  Laughlin Quin was himself a Catholic.  This tends to disconnect the two men on its face.

The tested members of the David Quinn line match a Scottish Knight named Quinan. David was the father, or grandfather of Michael Quinn who matches Terrence Quinn of Union County, Pennsylvania.

I note Mary Widdam & Prudence Stewart were also onboard the Bristol Merchant.  Quinn connections in England and Scotland.

The Scottish Knight Quinan upon arrival to Ulster to force the English settlement of Ulster found many Quinn's residing in Tyrone of great power and influence. It has been alleged that Quinan in an attempt to draw favor from the indigenous population dropped the "a" becoming at this point known as Quinn.

This document was my first clue, then subsequently I located living persons that provided the detail from above.  I simply sent them a DNA test kit and voila, the rest is history.

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