Sunday, March 6, 2016


Welcome to the Quinn Genealogy DNA Project website.  If you are seeing this message after nearly an 18 month hiatus, I am about to do a data-dump of all the information I have in the storehouse of QUINN.

I will provide some in-depth reviews of interesting people and what I learned having been the Surname Project Administrator at Family Tree DNA for nearly 8 8 years.  I was the Surname Project Administrator for the Cuinn/Quinn Surname DNA Study housed there.

IF you are a QUINN of any variety.  You are encouraged to join the DNA Surname Project there.  This project is focused and categorized there.  I should also note that Mr. Michael A. Guinn manages the project and does a fine job. Michael likely has all the various line's genealogies.  Contact him for further DNA assistance.

Please stay tuned.  Much to come!

T. Allen Quinn