Saturday, April 9, 2016

July 7th 1731 Laughlen Quin marries Ann Mary Laughlan in St. Michan's Roman Catholic Church in Dublin

Laughlen Quin marries Ann Mary Laughlan in St. Michan Roman Catholic Church in Dublin on 7 July 1731.  An earlier site of a Viking Church complete with Mummies and a Tower.  Near to Dublin Castle.

Witnesses are Edward Power, Michael Smyth, Joseph Quin and their mother.

To our knowledge Laughlin and Mary had one daughter while residing in Dublin. On 4 November 1744 Judith Quinn is Baptised at the Roman Catholic Church St. Nicholas with their father Laughlin Quin and mother Annae.  Elleonora Boyle was their sponsor for the Baptism.

To secure transport to Beaufort Mary would indenture herself to Edward Cannady

We will publish more on her family very soon.

Note the very short distance between the two churches and their proximity to Dublin Castle.

Anne Mary Laughlan indentured for part of her passage and was paid by Laughlin upon her arrival in Beaufort by means provided by Cornelius Cannady.  I am certain this is why Laughlin went to the trouble of making this distinction in his last will and testament in February of 1774 when he identifies Anne Mary as Mary Quin formerly Mary Cannady.  I have no evidence of Mary's birth.


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